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At Hawaiian Bronze we not only offer tanning, 

 But we also offer Non- UV spa services as well.

Formostar – Red Light Therapy – Air Brush Spray tanning – High Pressure UVA tanning 



Formostar Infrared Body Wrap


the Formostar Encore

Weight Loss System

               "The Weight is Finally Over!"

  • Burn Calories - up to 1400 per session
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Clothing size reduction in just 6-10 treatments
  • Diminish the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce Stress/Manage Pain


We're always getting rave reviews from our clients:

"I've done six sessions already, and I have to say I'm less lethargic in the evenings. I have lost inches from my arms, mid-section and legs and I'm not experiencing the fatigue in my back from the weight I was carrying. On days that I have some normal old age aches, the heat treatment is a great relief!" Beth

• We suggest scheduling sessions close together - ideally 48 hours between treatments. Scheduling treatments on consecutive days is not recommended.

• Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Tops should have sleeves that minimally reach the elbows and bottoms should minimally reach the knees. Gym attire is ideal!

• Drinking ROOM TEMPERATURE water DURING your session is VERY important! We have water available for purchase.

• You will perspire heavily! This is normal, healthy & desirable. (You may want to bring a change of clothes .)

• Session time is 50 minutes. Feel free to bring a CD, I Pad, DVD, or a book to read. (We do have a selection of DVDs to watch on our flat panel TV.)

• In an effort to stay on schedule & accommodate all of our valued customers, all appointment changes, including time changes or cancellations, must be made at least   24 HOURS in advance! Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of a session. Your understanding is truly appreciated!



Red Light Therapy


Fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, Acnes, scars…

  • Treatment time is 15 minutes.
  • Treatment is for your ENTIRE BODY!
  • Encourages your body to naturally produce enzymes, elastin fibers and collagen.
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment for younger, smoother, firmer looking skin fast and naturally.
  • Also used to treat acne, psoriasis and eczema.
  • Only three visits a week for six weeks yields tremendous results.
  • The more frequently you use Red Light Therapy, the better! (We have monthly plans available.)

http://mobile.devotedcreations.com/images/products/DC-COL2IN1.pngBy using a special lotion called, Collagentics; you can maximized the results of your red light treatment and also use it for your tanning experience.



The Magic

Imported from Italy - the most powerful bed in the universe!

  • 360° High Pressure Tanning - tan in half the time Stunning design provides ultimate comfort
  • Eight personalized intensity levels, for every skin type!
  • Session time: 10-12 minutes



Customized Airbrush Tanning

Hawaiian Bronze now offers AirBrush Tanning. Airbrushing uses a natural solution that will give your body a beautiful bronze color. It is applied in less than three minutes and will fade evenly in about 10 days. Perfect when you need immediate color.

(appointments recommended)

"I've gone to many places to have an airbrush spray tan but nothing even comes close to the result I get at Hawaiian Bronze Tanning! It's completely natural looking and lasts about 10 days!"

Laura Cheadle - Recording Artist, Sony Records


Airbrushing FAQs:

How long does the airbrush tan last?

This is a tricky one to answer. The age of the skin definitely plays a role; younger skin exfoliates at a slower rate. Is the person hydrated internally, do they drink enough water throughout the day consistently. Did they exfoliate properly before the applying? Do they moisturize properly with quality products? A good standard answer is it lasts 10+ days on healthy, well-maintained skin.

Does it turn you orange?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!

A quality product applied properly will not turn orange. Orange is something that has hung on to self-tanning since the Coppertone QT days in the 60's. DHA is much more refined and gives off much better color than in years past. Orange comes mostly from lesser quality. DHA is the most expensive ingredient in tanning solution. Many companies are cutting their manufacturing costs by trying to buy cheaper DHA , but @ Hawaiian Bronze Tanning & Spa we haven't! However, even the highest quality DHA can turn orange when over applied. Our well trained staff knows just the right amount to apply to each customer. Does it have a bad odor? A quality product will have a much better odor than a poor quality product. Some companies try and mask it with perfume, which smells good for about 5-10 minutes and smells worse as time goes on. Our solution is very nice smelling before and after and has a very mild French vanilla scent.

How long does it take to be airbrushed?

Application takes less than 5 minutes for two coats. It takes longer to get dressed and undressed than it does to apply.How long before I can take a shower? DHA needs any where from 6-12 hours to set up properly and react with the skin to give you the results that you desire. We generally recommend that you wait at least until the following morning before showering or perspiring.

Should I moisturize my skin before or after I get sprayed?

You should be moisturizing your skin at least once per day with a high quality lotion. This will slow the exfoliation rate thus extend the life of your tan. It will also allow your tan to wear more evenly as well. However, you should not apply moisturizer directly before having tanning solution applied to your skin,   This could impede the penetration of the solution into the skin. Also, you should not apply moisturizer until after your 1st shower.

Will it rub off on my clothes or bed sheets?

There is a slight chance of the cosmetic bronzers coming off on clothing and bed sheets and pillowcases. This should wash out very easily , However, we always recommend that the client wear darker colored older loose fitting clothes. There are some fabrics such as silk that this may not wash out of, so caution is always recommended.

Will the solution discolor my hair?

Tanning solution will not penetrate the hair follicle and therefore will not discolor hair.

Will the solution discolor my nails?

We always recommend protecting the nails via some sort of barrier cream. This slows the penetration of the solution to the nail and keeps it from staining. If you have nail polish on it will not penetrate as well, just take caution with cuticles. This is more prevalent with spray booths because of the broadcast spray. Airbrush units are more controlled and therefore the operator can stay clear of such areas. Our staff is very proficient at avoiding these areas.

Why did the solution wash off in the shower?

Cosmetic bronzers are temporary bronzers that give you immediate color. The real color is the result of the DHA reacting with the proteins in you skin. The real color develops behind the cosmetic bronzers in 6-12 hours. It is the cosmetic bronzers the customer will see washing off in the first shower, the lasting color is what is left behind. Cosmetic bronzers have two very big reasons for being in the product.

•  This allows you to see how the product is being applied and where which minimized application errors. We all like to see immediate results! You will walk out with a tan!

•  Can I workout after being sprayed?

Same answer as with showering. You must give the DHA time to react with the skin before disturbing the application. You should wait at least until the following morning before sweating.

Will my swimming pool fade my tan faster?

Chlorine has a tendency to fade spray tan faster. Many swimming pools are using salt for filtration these days and will not affect your tan.

Can I spray tan and UV Tan in a tanning bed?

Absolutely! UV Free tanning looks great over a base tan and gives the customer better color than they have ever experienced, especially for people that tan redder normally. We recommend tanning in the bed first.Tan like you normally do, but DO NOT USE A TANNING LOTION.


Ideal for Everyone, Beginner to Advanced

Simply put, the best, most advanced tanning bed in the world.

  • Perfect for all skin types
  • 100% UVA rays - all browning, no burning
  • Luxurious comfort - soft mattress, air conditioning, AM/FM stereo & CD player
  • Only 3 visits needed for a deep, natural tan
  • Only 2 to 4 visits a month thereafter needed to maintain that golden tan
  • Session time: 20 to 23 minutes

Sun Ergoline Evolution Mega Beds

  • Computer Designed Beds for the Perfect Tan
  • Body Misting - to keep cool all during the session
  • Aromatherapy - your choice of relaxing or revitalizing therapy
  • Adjustable temperature controls and air-conditioning
  • Adjustable VIT facial technology
  • All controls voice-guided & even teach the ABC's of tanning!
  • Exclusive Vibra-Sound Professional Audio System
  • Average session: 9-10 minutes

Suncapsule Stand-Up Booth
Ideal for Intermediate to Advanced Tanners

Enter the wind tunnel!

  • Unbelievably fast stand-up booth
  • 15mph exhilarating breeze for no-sweat tanning
  • 200 Watt - 54 VHR bulbs
  • Average session: 8-10 minutes

Sun Ergoline - AMBITION

Beginner's Delight, but great for advance tanners, too!

  • 32-lamp premium base beds with high performance bronzing lamps
  • Ergonomically designed to surround your body with light
  • Average session: 12-15 minutes

Classic Legs Leg Tanner

For sexy, tan legs all year . . . 

Try Hawaiian Bronze's Exclusive Classic Legs Leg Tanner.



  Sun Ergoline Facial Tanner

Enjoy 12 minutes of superior comfort while maximizing those "hard to tan areas."  Tan just your face & hands in the winter, or "kick it up a notch" all year long.  Amazing, adjustable, VIT technology for fast, long-lasting results!

Tanning Tips

Sunbathers at PlayGoggle
    They're a must. Your eyelids are the thinnest membrane on your body, so you need goggles to protect your eyes from the light.
    Lips don't produce melanin and won't tan. But they will dry out, so keep them moist with a good lip balm.
Tanning in the Buff
    Please be careful about areas not accustomed to sunlight. During your first few visits, cover those areas for half the session.
Lotions - Products
      We recommend that you always use an indoor tanning lotion. Moisturized skin tans more quickly, and indoor lotions will substantially increase tanning results.

We offer the following brand-name lotions:
  • Designer Skin
  • California Tan
  • Australian Gold
  • Devoted Creations

(Special Orders always accomodated)

We also carry after-tan lotions, daily moisturizers, and outdoor (SPF) lotions.

Conveniently Located on Route 1 South Between New Brunswick and Princeton.

For questions, e-mail us at hawaiianbronze@gmail.com

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